↟ Break Away Tale NR 100 // @wilddrivelife

We’re Ben and Meag of @wilddrivelife - We’re debt-free, healthy, happy living advocates. We paid off 100K of debt in 3.5 years and the experience transformed our habits, values and direction. In enhancing our financial health we also found improvements in our physical and mental health as weIl. It was a lightbulb for us - motivation to continue writing our own story outside of the day to day rat race that we tried but could never understand/fit into.⠀

There are MANY ways to find contentment and success in this world. We are just one stubborn story. We hope that we can empower others to write their own. We love getting the chance to share a bit of our journey (and the bus!) with students. We talk about dreaming with intention. We talk about the hard work & perspective it takes to reach goals and design a life that’s uniquely yours. Our favorite part is hearing what THEY want to pursue and create in their lives. We’re working on our outline to send out to schools & book more speeches for this fall. It’s our absolute favorite thing we’ve ever done!