↟ Break Away Tale NR 142 // @whichwaywesty

Hey! We are Caroline and Chris and have only recently started our van life! We have been together for a couple of years now and live in the UK with our cat, Karen. ⠀

After spending a year or so traveling around Europe by plane, we always wanted a van of our own to explore in and finally have one! We bought our 1990 Westfalia with the plan of making it our own with some personal touches to make it more of a home on wheels. We want the van to reflect us, our style and how we live our life.⠀

For now we are spending most of our time in the van traveling around the UK and have found some amazing spots. After always looking to go abroad, it’s amazing to find beautiful places in our own country!⠀

The ultimate goal for us is to travel around Europe in our Westy, revisiting some of our favourite spots as well as exploring new and amazing places. We want to go where most people we know would not think to go so we can find something special and unique to us with every trip. Making memories that will last us forever!⠀

We love seeing other people’s experiences in their vans as it inspires us to keep going and exploring new places. ⠀

Caroline and Chris 🚐⠀