↟ Break Away Tale NR 195 // @whereverwego__

Hi! we're Priya and Joe. We met each other 4 years ago and instantly clicked with our shared love of travel, adventure and climbing. ⠀

Whilst a lot of people around us were settling down and committing to long term mortgages we felt like something was missing from our lives. To escape the 9-5 grind of the working week we were constantly filling our spare time with all the things we love in life; climbing, walking and sending time with family. We were exhausted! This wasn't the way we wanted to live our lives, so became determined to change things!⠀

It wasn't long before we found Lola and fell in love. We handed in our notices and worked day and night to get her ready for our big trip. We've fitted her out with solar, gas and water so we can live off-grid for at least a week. ⠀

By choosing the van life it meant that we could afford to buy our home outright and just live simply. We only have what we need, nothing more and nothing less. (also we dreaded the idea of having a house with more than one room to clean!)⠀

It felt strange at first having no fixed plans and no fixed timescales, being free to move wherever and whenever is something that is so alien to most of us. We quickly learned that all we needed to do was to relax and let things happen naturally. once we did this things started to fall into place. We started meeting new people and the days just planned themselves out. we're starting to feel more of a sense of achievement in our daily lives, which in turn makes us happier! This comes from completing our daily 'chores' such as find water, wash clothes etc. there's a lot to be said for taking it back to basics and living simple! We truely are the happiest and healthiest we've ever been!⠀

Follow our journey @whereverwego__as we travel and climb our way around Europe!⠀