↟ Break Away Tale NR 191 // @veleiro_unforgettable

We are a Brazilian couple Georgia and Diego and this month we competed tree years, or 1.095 planetary rotations living in a sailboat. And it feels like we’re just getting started.⠀

Before we moved to out first boat, Unforgettable, we had a great life in a city called Florianópolis in South Brazil. We both had nice jobs, rented a comfortable apartment, lived closed to the beach, but we still worked 9 to 5 or as it is in Brazil from 8 to 6, five days a week and were aways in a countdown for our next vacation.⠀

We wanted something more from life, we wanted to fully explore the word, to manage our natural resources, to be more connected to Mother Nature and have a free life, with no schedule all the time, no days of the week.⠀

To achieve this dream we refurbished and old sailboat from Diego’s family, sold all our furniture and the car we had and moved to the boat. Five days later we set sail and started our trip around the world. After 3 years we have sailed around 10.000 miles and visited 20 different countries.⠀

We left south Brazil, sailed the Caribbean all the way up to the Dominican Republic where we got married on a beautiful Caribbean beach by the sunset. Months later we bought a more comfortable boat for the trips we planned ahead and destiny changed our plans: we lost this boat for a Hurricane Irma in 2017. But, our purpose was really strong, we were so sure of this new life that, we got the money from insurance and bought another boat, the one we live today, Unforgettable 3.⠀

With this house we sailed some places in South America as Venezuela, Colombia and Panama. Now we are preparing to cross the Panama Canal and head to the South Pacific. This will be our biggest challenge so far, around 30 days in the middle of the ocean. This life aboard thought us to follow our dreams, and to believe, because the opportunities come to those how are truly searching and that when the feeling is real things happen.⠀