↟ Break Away Tale NR 166 // @van.issage

My name is Melanie, and I am an austrian vanlifer, just too curious not to go on this adventure. On the road I love to be spontaneous: going whereever I feel like going or staying whenever I feel like staying. I love to experience our incredible nature in its many variations. I have traveled with my van vwt4 called "Nockerl" through Skandinavia since the last 2 months and have no set end date. ⠀

I am using my savings from my work as a kindergarten teacher and right now I do an online course at university which is pretty compatible with this feelingfree-livestyle, which I feel lucky to be able to experience. ⠀

My favorite place to stay is in the forest so far and because I am van girl, traveling by my own, I love to meet people, especially locals. In this way I get to know about their culture, social life, language, and insider knowledge about a place.⠀

In my oppinion you can feel home wherever you are, as long as you feel comftable in yourself and with yourself.⠀