↟ Break Away Tale NR 105 // @upendovibes

Jamie and Sandra meet in 2003 and in July 2004 their story begins. ⠀
Though they are very different, they grow together and are entwined through shared experiences.⠀

They share a great passion for travel. Whenever they have any free time, even if only a few days, they love to get away. Any occasion becomes an excuse to discover new destinations and to explore new places.⠀

Jamie and Sandra have a solid, and long lasting relationship, even though Jamie lives in Milan, and Sandra lives in La Spezia. The idea of “UPENDO VIBES“ has been in their heads and hearts for a long time, and has finally evolved into a concrete plan. To buy a van, and to live in it, camping and travelling around Europe utilizing their capabilities as photographers and video-makers.⠀