↟ Break Away Tale NR 170 // @tinyteardroptrips

We are Gen Xers  Kandace & Justin & this is our story...⠀

Kandace is an entrepreneur and has owned her small business in Northern California for 20 years. She is an avid traveler and has been to 20 countries so far. She loves painting, cooking, gardening and camping with her dog Sato. Justin is an advertising sales executive for a large online media company and is an accomplished photographer who enjoys cooking, playing basketball, softball, traveling and yes....camping. ⠀

After meeting online.... (yep, it really works!), Kandace brought up her desire to own a teardrop trailer, which was the perfect way to combine her love of adventure with Justin’s love of nature photography.⠀

The first step was to rent one and give it try. We loved it! We found a builder online and “Edie” the tiny, wooden, teardrop was built! With extra foot room that would accommodate Sato, Kandace’s 70 lb very handsome 4 yr old mutt. ⠀

It’s been 4 months and 20 nights spent in Edie. We’ve been as far north as the Sierras and as far south as Santa Barbara and many places in between. Turns out, Edie has played a big role in our love story. Spending so much time in a 6X5 ft tiny home can either make or break a relationship. Edie has taught us just how incredibly compatible we are. Our Dream is to take a 3-6 month break from our busy lives and travel up the coast to Canada and back down through the parks, hopefully with Sato in tow.⠀

We must say that our camping style is a little bit non traditional as we don’t spend a lot of time at camp. Our trips usually start out with us dropping the trailer off at the campsite then we head into town to check out restaurants, shopping and everything the local area has to offer, wine tasting being a favorite. We do plan a few meals at camp as we both enjoy cooking. Some of our favorite meals so far have been made over the fire with our Dutch Oven. S’mores are usually included as well! ⠀

We had so much fun this summer, we have already started planning for our 2019 camp schedule. ⠀

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