↟ Break Away Tale NR 118 // @thehomeofhaley

The thought of Tiny living was always something that I’d been interested in. Growing up I’d dream of living in small spaces and secluded places. I had a major shift in my life where the home I knew wasn’t an option anymore, so it was either I spend my money on an apartment or I put it towards living Tiny. I obviously chose the latter option.⠀

At the age of 19 I designed and created my tiny house with the idea and possibility of it being able to go off grid and use as little resources as possible. I have everything I need in this small space and it actually helps me to remain aware and conscious of my consumption and way of living in a time and age where fads and convenience overrun our lives.⠀

It was a leap, but I’m glad I did it. It’s amazing to see the eyes of people light up when they see the Tiny, and it’s even more amazing when it nudges them just a bit more into thinking of going Tiny themselves.⠀

I will have officially been living here for a year in August and time has flown! I can’t say there’s been a bad experience here and it felt like Home the second I stepped in. I hope to move it around the country once I graduate college and spread some more childish wonder as I go, but for now I’m still in sunny Los Angeles soaking up the rays while I can!