↟ Break Away Tale NR 167 // @tessachittle

Tessa: The story of how we came to be first-time parents & first-time homesteaders in the same year….⠀

5 years ago my husband and I found out we were {SURPRISE} pregnant. We looked at each other over the “yes you’re pregnant” pee stick in our tiny studio with full time jobs/school and no income. We panicked ever so slightly.⠀

To be honest I cried that day. For a moment I saw all my dreams flying out the window, all I had worked for, the person that I thought I was. AND then I realized that deep inside there was a flutter of excitement because as those old dreams flew out the window, so did the restrictions on who I was and what my path might be. I felt free to actually create the life I wanted NOW.⠀

So after a few of those stay-up-all-night-talking conversations, my husband and I decided to live NOW rather than waiting for someday. To choose our path based on who we are NOW not who we had been or who people thought we should be. To think WAY OUTSIDE THE BOX on how we can design our life around our values.⠀

We decided to give up the PhD and the medical school and amongst severe morning sickness, I searched for where we could afford land. A little area called Gig Harbor Wa kept coming up with things that looked possible. We had never been to this area. We knew no one who lived here. But when we walked onto our 6 acre sanctuary in Gig Harbor Wa, we knew it was home. ⠀

6 months later we moved from Seattle to our new fixer upper home in Gig Harbor. Since then we have been remodelling our home piece by piece, learning to take care of our land, planting orchards and food forest style gardens, building fences for goats and chickens, exploring ways to use this space to create farm experiences for others via homesteading workshops and most recently opening our doors for our Tiny House Farmstay here at The Chittle Homestead.⠀⠀