↟ Break Away Tale NR 91 // @tadayoga

Since Alby was a child he always dreamt of living in a camper and now he has shared that dream with me. Little by little it went from a distant crazy fantasy, to "actually we should do this", to finding ourselves sleeping under the stars on the roof of our new home. ⠀

11 months into van life we have visited 15 countries, volunteered and worked in the heat of Athens' summer, to the cold winter in the Alps. As I'm from Barcelona and Alby is from the UK it gives us the freedom to have a home wherever we are and visit anywhere on a budget. ⠀

Being yoga teachers we can share this practice anywhere, as long as we send enough emails to like minded people, we have always found beautiful souls and magical places to share yoga.⠀

Now we find ourselves in Devon, UK teaching yoga and discovering what lies beyond the tiny lanes and rolling hills! Sometimes the comfort of a house and spacious garden lure us in, but (at least for now) van life has way too many perks.