↟ Break Away Tale NR 141 // @stepoutandexplore

We are Luba, Tom, Phoebe and Lolo. 2 humans and 2 dogs on the adventure to find freedom. Cycle touring from Canada to Argentina. We are doctors and our busy lifestyle kept us apart too much. We went days without seeing each other when one was on nights, the other one on long days. We've always loved travelling by bicycle (there's a big difference between a cyclist and cycle tourist, we are not into competition for kilometres, only into beauty and exploring).⠀

So we came up with the idea of longterm cycle touring and couldn't imagine leaving our dogs for so long. They are our family and we decided to find a route they could do with us (without the need for quarantine). And here we are! More than a year and almost 15000 kms after the start of our adventure. We totally love being on the road and being together 24/7. And Phoebe and Lolo enjoy that too! They are both rescues, very active, adventurous doggies who love exploring new surroundings.⠀

We're very lucky to have them. ⠀
This journey is supposed to help us in finding new way of life as we're now sure that we don't want to live how we lived before. Our current destination is Ushuaia in Argentina but who knows what happens in between 😉 We're together and that matters most 💚⠀