↟ Break Away Tale NR 53 // @shed_tinyhouse

We are Robert and Samantha, a young couple that designed and built our 204 square foot modern-minimalist tiny house on wheels on weekends, paycheck to paycheck. We have been living full time in it for 26 months and now have an 11 month old daughter, #aubrinsage.⠀

The best part of our tiny house experience is the life that it affords. It has been an amazing life hack and we're now able to work much less and travel much more, spending time collecting memories and experiences as a family. It has allowed us to own our home outright while refinancing student loan debt to a very aggressive five year repayment plan and simultaneously building a financial safety net.⠀

Most importantly we have been able to take extended parental leave to spend more time with our baby for her first six months of life and I now have the ability to stay-at / work-from-[tiny]home to continue raising Aubrin. ⠀

We share our ongoing journey on our blog (SHEDsistence.com) and Instagram (@SHED_tinyhouse)