↟ Break Away Tale NR 126 // @sharehappiness.cz

We are Veronika and Lukas and we are life partners, best friends, soulmates. ⠀
We both had pretty much of the same working experience. Spending too much time in the office and had jobs that we actually didn’t really like. One day we realized that we didnt want to do this anymore, since we were becoming unhappier with each day.⠀

Together we decided to quit our jobs and start doing what really makes us happy. We both believe that only things that are done with passion and love are the things that matter. Veronika co-founded a wedding studio and I (Lukas) built our first campervan. We finished the conversion all by ourselves and with lots of help from our friends and family. What a mental cleansing it is to be creative! Now we are using our van to travel everytime we can and it has become our biggest happiness.⠀

We totally identify ourselves with the Christopher McCandless quote: “Happiness is only real when shared” and that is why we started sharing our story on social media under @ShareHappiness.cz. Who knows, maybe we will inspire someone from the corporate world to start living to the fullest! ⠀

And we ask oursevles: why do all the great and inspiring stories begin with: “When I was diagnosed with cancer” or “When I suddenly fell down and woke up in the hospital after 2 months”?⠀
Why do we wait so long to wake up and start living the life that makes us truly happy? ⠀
We say: Start today!