↟ Break Away Tale NR 147 // @shannonsoine

Hi! My name is Shannon and I live in a 210 sq. ft. Tiny House with my husband Tim and two rescue pitbulls, Adam and Juno.⠀

Shortly after getting engaged, Tim and I bought a 1600 sq. ft. home. Several years later, after Tim caught onto the travel bug (I’ve had it since my student exchange to Costa Rica when I was 15), we realized that our living expenses were too high to do the kind and amount of travel that we wanted.⠀

It all started when a friend at work started talking about yurts⛺️. When I pitched the idea to Tim, he responded, “I’m not living in a Mongolian circus tent.” The search continued...⠀

When I found tiny houses, he was amused, but not interested. But when I found the design/layout of our house, the MiNiM by Brian Levy, Tim was almost instantly on board. After visiting the original MiNiM while traveling for work, he bought the blueprints for my birthday. ⠀

A few months later, Brian reached out about a TV show about tiny houses that was looking for participants, Tiny House Nation. We signed up, and our house was built by a local contractor in a week, literally a week!⠀

Almost four years later, we have paid off an incredible amount of debt (almost completely debt free), traveled to almost 10 countries and lots of US places, plus we’ve started a tradition of an annual trip to Harry Potter World😅 ⠀

On a daily basis, we give thanks for this lifestyle. It has taught us patience, taking challenges in stride (hello, frozen pipes), and for me especially, it has taught me the importance of CHOOSING less (you don’t need a turbo charged WRX, a hatchback will do😁).⠀

We are completely content to live this lifestyle as long as we can. We are hoping to pop out a bambino or two soon, so stay tuned for some #tinyhousetetris.⠀