↟ Break Away Tale NR 121 // @rockmeetssoil

I'm Jane. I am 28 years old and I've lived, traveled or hopped rides in over 15 vans in the last two and a half years between travels in America and Australia. Colorado is my home base where I am stationary in my current van for the warm months. It's work/save mode as I prepare for the next big trip when winter approaches. I am notorious for changing my mind so I have no idea what the next adventure will be. Unlike the majority of van lifers who are constantly on the road, I spend a lot of time living in my van full time in Colorado, saving money faster for more adventures.⠀

My current van is a rare gem I scored on my 27th birthday last year in January 2017. Teeg is a 1989 Tiger conversion camper on a Chevy Astro base. There were only 1500-some hard top Tiger campers ever made, so I feel pretty fortunate to have come across one in such good condition. She's my little cabin on wheels. Prior to Teeg, I owned three other vans in Colorado, living and traveling on and off with my ex partner for the first year of van life. I spent three months out of this last winter traveling across Australia in 14 vans with friends, friends of friends and complete strangers. I kind of have a thing for van life. ⠀

I've written about my reasons for continuing to live this way, even when I'm stationary in Colorado, many times, but the number one reason why I do it is that is has given me my freedom of time and money back to focus my energy on my own goals and passion projects instead of having to work my life away for someone else's dream. The simplicity of such minimalism is a cornerstone of this lifestyle choice as well, but ultimately having more time to focus on the things I love is why I continue to live in a van.