↟ Break Away Tale NR 61 // @reggiefromtheroad

The name is Reggie and I’m a wheel’n n’ deal’n, stylin’ n’ profilin’ smile givin’, trailer haulin’ son of a gun! The rig’s handle is Franny... she’s a 1970 bucket of bolts falling apart at the seems, but oh, I love her so.⠀

I’ve been living in said trailer for two years and when looking at my history of poor decisions, this one has brought my average up! When I’m home in Toronto for work it makes living arrangements affordable and when I get unleashed on the road, look out! I can go anywhere anytime and I have all of my worldly belongs in tow.⠀

I’ve been from the South of Texas to the North of the Yukon and I don’t see an end in sight... if Franny can hold it together!