↟ Break Away Tale NR 154 // @pamthevan91

This is Marina, Odie the dog and Pam (yes, the van). ⠀

Two years ago I decided that the 9-5 life was definitely not for me. I bought an old and rusty Kangoo and converted it in a cozy home for two. I left my job in the UK, my house, 99% of my possessions and hit the road. Odie, a 10 rescue labradoodle joined me in this adventure and has been the best companion one could ever wish for. Back then I had no real plan, little savings and a lot of doubts on what I was supposed to do in this life. Since then I have visited incredible places, had time to learn lots of new skills but most importantly understood that it's ok not to always know where we are headed. ⠀

To support my travels I sell the jewelry I make on the road. Yes, sometimes it's hard not to have that life structure and financial stability a normal job gives, but I'd rather be rich in time and memories than rich in money. Right now, I'm definitely very rich.⠀