↟ Break Away Tale NR 43 // @_onthehorizon

We are David, Janine, and our pup Luna. We finally got married June 2017 after nearly 7 years. We were planning our wedding and struggling to make plans for our life to follow. Bouncing between rental homes and crappy jobs, neither of us was happy - we wanted freedom and adventure, not 9-5s. It was my mom who had the idea: what if we just got a van and traveled? We could work remotely. ⠀

We don’t have kids yet. Why not? Taking that risk was terrifying - leaving the life of financial consistency and responsibility that we had built up over so many years for one of permanent uncertainty on a budget. But the risk was well worth the reward. ⠀

We’ve been on the road for 4 months with many more to come. We’ve been able to see and do things we never thought we could, and have both experienced our own personal growths in ways I don’t think we ever would have achieved otherwise. I’ve found a new confidence in myself and in my abilities and I’m so grateful for it every day. I don’t know if we’ll ever go back to “normal” life now that we know what else is out there!