↟ Break Away Tale NR 124 // @nomadic__van

We are a family of three María, Fran, Unai and we live in our fiat Ducato van. Our passion is to travel and to explore new places. We love to be in contact with nature and to learn and experience the cultures of the places we go. In the beginning we traveled in a small green caravan and that's when we discovered what our true passion in life is. ⠀

After six years of wonderful travels we decided to change our van because of its limitations in terms of mobility. We wanted one that was more comfortable and more spaceous.⠀
We did not want buy the typical campervan and wanted to do a conversion, based on our own design. It took us three months of hard work to build it. ⠀

We wanted to have a large interior space, since we also like to travel in the winter and wanted to feel comfortable inside when its cold and rainy. My wife and I love cooking and getting a big kitchen was one of our biggest priorities. Another thing we wanted, was a bathroom in order to shower after those wonderful days at the beach - especially because of our 10 year old son Unai, who like many children loves to play in nature. ⠀

Some of the things we love about being nomads is living simplistic and minimalistic. In small space we can only bring what is really necessary, and this allows us to be aware of how much water and electricity we use. We love camping in nature and have solar pannels which allows us to be self sufficient. It's important to us not to leave a trace wherever we go. But sometimes we have to stay on campgrounds, because in Spain parking and free camping are often prohibited.⠀

This van makes us feel at home wherever we go. Our next goal is to live full time in our van and keep writing our adventures for our book.⠀