↟ Break Away Tale NR 47 // @no4cottonburrow

I’m Tanya, I’m 44 (I just had to do the math!) I decided after cleaning up my diet, my health and my current environment as much as possible from the chemicals and toxins that cause us so many problems that I wouldn’t live in the toxic space of my apartment any longer. I could go tiny which would allow me to downsize my footprint and my attachment to the burden of so many things. A place that was my own and had the flexibility to move should I feel the urge or need.⠀

I am a retired Air Force aircraft mechanic and I have been a free lance sign language interpreter for the last 11 years. It’s the perfect career for me to move or live wherever I choose.⠀

People still think it’s unreasonable to live in such a small space and I wish so much that they will one day feel the freedom and happiness that I do living this life.