↟ Break Away Tale NR 115 // @mywanderingisland

We’re Toni & Franzi and we are from Germany. We quit our jobs, bought an old van & left our Munich apartment. Everyone thought we were going nuts. So far it has been the most difficult but also the best decision we ever took. You have to be brave to follow your calling/heart.⠀

Toni is a real tech nerd & generally enthusiastic about new things. He loves to analyze & is crazily addicted to the internet. Franzi loves to write, read books & to do yoga. Her meditation is cooking & painting. She’s her greatest version when in nature & traveling. ⠀

Till end of 2016 Toni worked as a vendor manager for the world’s biggest online retailer, while Franzi worked at a Japanese company in Sales.⠀

The reason why we changed our life was because I (Franzi) couldn’t see myself working in an office for the rest of my life. I actually liked my job, liked my colleagues and my position in the company BUT it was nothing what really got that sparkle in me shining, it just wasn’t me! I reached a point while I became kinda depressive & I talked to Toni about it all & it took us around 2 years to actually go for it! It wasn’t an easy decision at all, but a decision from the heart! And in these 2 years Toni kinda got used to the idea of a different life & was ready for a new chapter with new challenges.