↟ Break Away Tale NR 140 // @myscandinaviansaga

I'm Carolien, a 34-year old (for now still) solo vanlifer from the Netherlands with Swedish roots from my mom's side. Last April, I moved out of my apartment in Amsterdam into my Ford Transit van Saga to start my way up north to explore Scandinavia. But my 'breakaway' story actually started in June 2016, when I got out of a long relationship and quit my job. I packed my backpack and left to Australia. Before I knew it I had bought my first van - a colourful 1984 Mazda E2000 hippie-van called Wombi. We travelled all around Australia together and, even though it was a long travel 'holiday' for me, I felt so good about living in a van and everything that came with it. So pretty quickly the thoughts of exploring other continents in a van entered my head and as soon as I got back home I started to work out my next steps. ⠀

I knew I wanted to try and create a 'sustainable travelling lifestyle' in which work would play a role, but in a different way than it did back home. Most of all, it had to be location independent and I didn't want to work full-time all the time. I started to freelance (I am a finance professional) and was very lucky to find a client who was ok with me not being physically in the office, which is still not very common in 'finance land' in The Netherlands. So I am now doing project based financial jobs on the road. It's all still very new as I've only been on the road for 2 months and still finding my way, but so far it's been working out pretty well, and I am super excited to explore this alternative way of living further! And OFCOURSE to be able to explore the amazing Scandinavia at the same time. I will probably stay up here until the temperatures will start to push me in southern direction again.⠀ ⠀
In May, I had the luxury to share my vanlife for two weeks with my boyfriend, who I met in the short period I was back in Amsterdam in between my travels, and I have to say that that felt like the icing on the cake. And although I love travelling solo as well, I'm super excited that he will come and join me again at the end of July!⠀