↟ Break Away Tale NR 164 // @mycustomvan

Hi we are Paula, Jan and Lili 🐾 This is our 1986 Daimler-Benz L407d. In 2017 we decided to move into a Van fulltime. We decided to buy a 407 because we wanted a Van with as much space as possible. We like the simple, easy to fix technique in old cars like these. Luckily we found exactly what we were looking for in Luxemburg and we bought it and brought it to Germany for the conversion. It took us about 6 months to build in everything we wanted but it was absolutely worth it. The other day we were talking about what this car means to us and what it feels like to arrive at the van and we were like, it feels like home.⠀

Life on the "road" means to us staying in beautiful national parks, by the sea, on a perfect surf break, next to a lake, in the mountains, in a city or where ever else we decide to go. We are able to choose our view every day and if we feel like being somewhere else, we just start the engine.⠀

On the other hand it means, that we have to find water, park in the sun for our photovoltaic power, find a place to do laundry, fix our car and sometimes we have to sleep near a noisy road. But that's ok for us, because it's nice most of the time, so far.⠀

Jan is a freelance civil engineer and does structural steel design hello@koliwer-engineering.com , Paula is doing a lot of cool creative stuff she loves :)⠀

We do a lot of surfing, hiking, fishing, walking and playing with Lili, yoga and we play backgammon almost every f*ck*ng day 😃 We always try to get in touch with the local people and to eat regional food everywhere we go. And, of course, we love to hang out at the beach as much as we can.⠀

This year we were driving all the way up north to the Lofoten and now we are heading south. In late autumn we will drive to greece in hopes for a warm and dry winter 😊⠀

Right now we are in Romania and are enjoying the beautiful nature and the great food. For us it is one of the most beautiful countries to travel in Europe, especially the Area around Maramures.