↟ Break Away Tale NR 109 // @mochi.and.we

We are Kassidy and Erin and recently completed our diy build of our van Mochi.  We bought Mochi two years ago with the intention of using Mochi for overnight weekend trips to get fresh tracks on the ski hill, or an early start on hiking trails.  After a couple 2-week ski trips in the van and year of being weekend warriors, it was clear that we wanted more.  One year ago, we set the goal of being able to save enough money to quit our jobs and travel for a year in the van.⠀

We began saving madly and and started rebuilding Mochi's interior to be able to live and travel full time.  We quit our jobs LAST FRIDAY and will begin our year-long sabbatical July 1, traveling across the US and Canada. ⠀

The main reason for this big change is because we realized we were spending too much time on things that didn't fulfill us, and not enough time with each other or with our families.  Both of us are transports to the Seattle area so we only get to see our families a couple times a and we've been missing all these wonderful people we're blessed to call family. Also, we've done a fair amount of international travel, but we're really looking forward to exploring the National Parks, quirky little towns, and all the different people that make America interesting and diverse. ⠀

All our decisions in the last year have been made with one question in mind: Does this support our goal of traveling full time?