↟ Break Away Tale NR 162 // @maxandivyontheroad

Lily, a road trip mad mama of two preschoolers, vanlife obsessed, tiny home loving, adventure seeking Australian based in Sydney but usually not to be found there as I'm usually, well, elsewhere!⠀
I've got a VW campervan which allows me the freedom to chuck the kids in, exit suburbia at will and head off either in pursuit of new adventures and fresh scenery or, more often then not, just to get closer to my crew who are a bit further up north in and around Byron Bay.⠀

I write a blog about vanlife, road tripping and camping with kids in the hope of inspiring other parents who wanna be doing the same thing but just aren't so sure how to go about it, or think perhaps that it is harder than it actually is.⠀
It occurs to me that while people tend to think it takes a whole lot of oomph to get out there and travel with kids, potentially it’s the opposite.⠀

Potentially I am a person who is totally lacking in oomph who has simply found a tricksy way to force myself to pull my finger out and just keep moving!⠀
Turns out I’m a whole lot better at navigating, and problem solving and averting potential dramas then I am at monotony. And being isolated. And all the other stuff that comes with raising kids in suburbia these days.⠀
For me, this is the easiest way to do this parenting gig.⠀

One of the (many) perks of dragging the kids all over the countryside in the van has been the reminder of what it means to be grateful for things we have and to teach them to be aware of what they use, what they discard and what they actually need.⠀