↟ Break Away Tale NR 31 // @livingbythemile

We met in Los Angeles working at a bar, that actually was the perfect job and we were 100% satisfied with our city life... then it went out of business. Things changed and we were low on a totem pole again and putting our own dreams on the backburner so something needed to change. ⠀

Jasper had started dreaming of a mobile life early in early 2016, we got engaged April 16, planned the van and our wedding for a year, got married April 17, and had a van by May. We took 23 days on our build (thanks to the help of Jaspers Papa, Jerry) and we hit the road June 3. ⠀

Along this next leg of the trip Jasper will be focusing on her wellness business @beconfidentlyyou and I will be working on a photo/novel. We chose a life on the road so we can focus on our dreams, so there’s no way we will put someone else’s in front of ours again.