↟ Break Away Tale NR 179 // @littlebigbusadventure

We are Freek and Inge, a couple from the Netherlands and our yellow VW T3 ‘Epic Eddie’ is our third family member on the road since the last 5 months. We always had a love for traveling and classic VW’s. A few years ago this all came together in the dream of making an epic roadtrip along beautiful places in our own VW camper.⠀

During regular holidays we used to go backpacking through Asia a lot and every time our holiday was at his end we had the feeling it only just started. Back at work and during (boring) daily routine life, we often dreamed of having some more time together, to explore, to do whatever we feel like, to just be. And the more we dreamed the stronger this feeling got. So why not do it then? After all you’ll never know what the future will bring. And piece by piece, step by step, taking off some time to go on an epic roadtrip together became more reality. Searching and buying a van, saving up money, renting out our house, finding somebody that could take good care of our cat and arranging the journey. A whole lot of preparation later, we shipped our van last June to Colombia to explore the South American continent!⠀

A totally new destination for us, we never traveled here before. But the idea of exploring the vast nature, all different kind of landscapes that can be found here, from desert to jungle, from coast to the high Andes, made us give it a go. To wild camp along babbling brooks and in deep wild forest - only us, nature and endless roads, that was something we had been longing for so long! With a little bus into big adventures!⠀

For us traveling this way is really about enjoying the time that we have together, to go at our own pace and stop wherever we want, to explore new places during the day and to cuddle up in our own little home during the night, and above all to feel alive and to awaken our senses, learn to cope, adjust, accept and enjoy whatever comes our way.⠀