↟ Break Away Tale NR 136 // @lifewithoutwaiting

We never set out to live mobile, or tiny, or anything crazy or different. We had a really lovely life in a mid-century modern A-Frame cottage on a lake that we had lovingly restored and furnished with all 1960s garage sale and thrift store finds. I worked at a Fortune 500 company in my dream job as a utility Emergency Manager and my husband was just hitting his stride as an attorney licensed In two states.⠀

I guess it all started two months before I met my husband. Sick of traveling all the time for work and never actually going anywhere or seeing anything, I flew from Detroit from San Francisco for work, spending only minutes outside of the cold, stale conference room. I decided to rent a cheesy purple Ford Mustang convertible and just drive to Yosemite and stay a some hippy lodge that I read about in the New York Times, which the author affectionately referred to as summer camp for grown ups.⠀

Arriving long after dark, I had no idea what I was getting into or where I even was. The next day in the valley blew my world up. That trip took this tiny little restless part of me and caused it to explode into the most cherished priority in my life.⠀

Two months later I was introduced to Adam via dear mutual friend by text message. Not my style, but I was in the early stages of this “yes” phase of my life. He changed a flight to come see me a month later, and weeks after that I flew to Seattle for our second date. The rest is history, as they say.⠀

But I suppose what it really boils down to is some crazy combination of prioritizing fresh air and short term goals and the best kinds of relationships and the relentless pursuit of what you already know to be true. These last two years haven’t been easy, but they make perfect sense. We’re now both fully committed to making sure we listen to what our restlessness is trying to tell us and living out this crazy good life.⠀