↟ Break Away Tale NR 186 // @lebens.t.raum

I'm Stephan, and I am 34 years old. I live in a small town near Aschaffenburg. Since a few years I own a 15 year old VW T4, which I have converted into a mobilehome. I always have new ideas on how to make the interior even better, so I keep converting and expanding. I have been on several shorter holidays with my van, but when I was on a trip in Australia with a rented motorhome, I got the idea to go on a big tour of Europe with my T4. At the time I lived in separation and soon moved out of the apartment where I lived with my then wife, to a Tiny House on a campsite.⠀

Living in a small space, which was also very cheap, had these advantages: I gained a kind of financial freedom and could now put aside some money to fulfill my big dream: a break from the job to go on a Europe trip. I got an approval from my friendly boss to do a 'Sabbatical Year'. I prepared my T4 to be as independent as possible, so I installed a heater and a solar system.⠀

For additional storage space I mounted a 360Liter large rear box on my trailer hitch and in March 2018 we started! Because I wanted to be adventurous, I didn't plan every route and in the end the trip took me a total of 32,000km to complete and went through 18 countries. In hindsight one of the most fascinating experiences for me was the vastness of Scandinavia. In Norway I particularly liked Lofoten, and in Finland, there were days where only reindeers crossed my path. But traveling alone, never meant that I felt lonely. I met like-minded people throughout the journey who, like me, were adventurous.⠀

At many of those far away from home nights, I sat around the campfire with other people to talk, eat, sing, and realize how beautiful Europe is, and how great it is to travel self-determined through the countryside. At some point on another trip I will surely meet one or the other again. The Instagram app has helped me a lot, not only to discover great places, but also to meet other Vanlifers in real life.⠀