↟ Break Away Tale NR 184 // @lebenaufachsen

Hello everyone!⠀

Here we are Sarah, Manu and Mogli living in a self-built fire brigade van since the beginning of March 2018. Even before moving into the van, we lived in a self-sufficient gypsy vagon and consciously dealt with the subject of the environment and nature. We love the life in the open nature and the wide landscapes in the mountains. Hiking is our passion as well as travelling and exploring the world.⠀

Over three years we've been trying to live as waste and plastic-free as possible and produce various items ourselves. Whether deodorant, dishsoap or our own detergent, we take care to use as little chemistry as possible and pay attention to a conscious handling with the nature. Do it Yourself 😉⠀

We're of the opinion that we only together can make a difference! Therefore we regularly collect the waste lying around. Our motto: Leave every place cleaner than you found it.⠀

We continue this life in our van and travel the world with it. Together with our energetic four-legged friend Mogli, we explore the most remote places in nature. We love extensive hikes and quiet landscapes. Just the three of us and mother nature. That's what makes us happy =) We work from the road and finance our live on axles. That isn't always easy, but meanwhile we've found a good work/life balance. An we love the life we live =)⠀

For over three months we've been exploring Norway and can't get enough of this breathtaking country! The high north has fascinated us and we fell in love with Norway.⠀

Therefore we want to spend the winter in the nature of Scandinavia and test our limits!⠀

We're excited about the future and are looking forward to start into the unknown =)⠀