↟ Break Away Tale NR 173 // @koermikoermet

my name is Körmi and I am currently on an adVANture, discovering personal happiness on the road around Europe with my tiny rolling home. Tollpatscho is a bright orange Piaggio Porter Minivan which I converted into a cosy one person living space.⠀

Over one year ago my journey started with a question, I was wondering where I can find deep happiness and even more important keep it ?The orange cutie was the perfect size for my new project. It satisfies a deep yearning for a base and a home on the go. On just 3sqm it hass numerous functions, like a Swiss army knife! Various compartments and living areas can be created by pulling, pushing and folding.⠀

On my journey I started thinking about what ‘home’ means to me. Home holds a lot of different meanings, it can be a house, a place, family or friends, etc… However, during my travels I noticed that there is one other very important thing that can mean home and we can find it within ourselves. Its the only thing we are always surrounded and we will never miss.⠀

I’ve come to realise that if you feel comfortable with and by yourself you will always feel at home anywhere you travel as you have a sense of belonging. This realisation is probably the most powerful and satisfying discovery of my journey so far. That’s why my trip has been more than a journey around Europe but one on the inside as well as.⠀
To conclude, I have decided to stop searching for happiness but started to create it myself. After all, HAPPINESS IS HOMEMADE and home can be wherever I am. ⠀

Be happy :)⠀