↟ Break Away Tale NR 207 // @kitty.van.goth

Hi! We are Aurelie, Brice and Jolene the cat! We moved from France to Canada around 7 and 6,5 years ago. Two years ago I was lay off at my job and it's the best thing that could happen to us. We bought a van, a GMC vandura 2500 from 1992, made some adjustments, work on it, and hit the road with our cat!  We didn't had a schedule or a fixed plan... We wandered the Canada and US for few months, but felt in love with the Canadian Rockies where we decided to stay for a bit at the end of the journey.⠀

Now we work a few months then go back on the road, and on and on. We don't have any career, steady jobs or our real possession, but thats never what we dreamed of. We were always about adventures and travels. (But even when we're not on our nomadic mode, we still spend fews days vanlifing in the mountains.)⠀

We always loved to travel in road trip mode, sleeping in the back of our car, always moving, never really planning anything in advance. And even before meeting each other, the vanlife was a dream for both of us. So it we didn't think twice when I was lay of!⠀

It's not always easy, but that's what makes us the happier. It had teach us too live more with less, learn about ourselves and each other and enjoy every bit of the journey (the good times and bad times). ⠀

For our next plans, we would love to go back to Europe to be on the road for a few months. And in the same time discover Yukon and Alaska, or an other continent... It's always so hard to decide what will be our next destination, but we won't complain about it ;)⠀