↟ Break Away Tale NR 144 // @just_keep_sprinting

We are Aaron + Stacey + A Big Sprinter⠀

Seizing every moment in life by traveling the U.S. in our self built Sprinter. With all the mixed opinions you get by living non traditionally, I'd like to think that we are pushing ourselves to look past the norms that society shoves on so many people and to be okay with doing things a little differently, even if people do think we're weird.⠀

It's amazing what you can accomplish with determination. We had hardly any building experience before we decided to convert the van. It's fun to be able to watch something so ordinary turn into our completely customized home. If you have the will power and adventurous spirit, anything is possible!⠀

Our goal is to soak up as much of these experiences as we can, learn from the people we meet, push ourselves to do things we thought were impossible, laugh at ourselves when things don't work out as planned and grow ourselves both individually and together so that at the end of all this we will come away from it all being like, dang, we've changed so much for the better.⠀