↟ Break Away Tale NR 59 // @justbtinyhouse

Welcome to my tiny world and my tiny house called, “Just B Tiny”. My nickname is Tiny B. ⠀

What led me to living in a tiny house full time was hardship. The kind of challenges life delivers to us on our journey. Mine, was finding myself homeless, after a series of severe losses, which included a life altering loss of a business and homestead in a remote mountainous area in Northern, California. ⠀

My life exploded when I discovered tiny houses from the book, “Tiny Houses Built with Recycled Materials” by Ryan Mitchell, author of Tiny House Living. From there, I started researching tiny house contractors. Most tiny house companies had a wait list of a year out on their production and, I didn’t have that kind of time. ⠀

I interviewed Nathan Light Watson of Tiny SMART House out of Albany, Oregon and he expressed compassion for my dilemma, and together, we chose each other. His crew built my tiny 20’ long by 8’– 1/2” wide by 13’–1/2” tall tiny house on wheels, and I went from homeless to a tiny house within just six months. In November of 2016, I began the tiny life. ⠀

My “Just B Tiny” house is a symbol of hope, labor of love, inspiration of creativity, and commitment to living sustainably. This lifestyle allows for green living by using cost effective, energy efficient appliances, leaving a small imprint in the community. Most items in my tiny have been reused and upcycled to serve a different functional purpose or recycled and given to charity.⠀

After going through the process of tiny house living, and being known to love all things tiny, it’s now become a passion to share it, as an alternative lifestyle, that allows mobility, freedom and happiness in living a simpler life.