↟ Break Away Tale NR 103 // @jazzy_globetrotter

I'm Jazzy. I'm from Southern California and I'm currently in New Zealand. ⠀
I travel around on my home on wheels Mitsi! I work as I travel to be able to save money to fund an online business and to also fund my travels to international destinations. I normally run a blog, although I've put that on hold to focus more of my attention on one thing at a time. My favourite things is a branch board I skate on. I call it the #jazzybranchboard (have a look at the hashtag lol)⠀

It all started after experiencing vanlife in Australia for about a month and a half, it was there that discovered that I loved living in a van more than I liked living in an apartment. I was working as a travel agent in Byron Bay, Australia at the time when I met a lovely man who swept me off my feet.He had a van... (which he later named the Jazzy Van😉) and although my travel agent job gave me an ensuite room to stay in, and I technically had a place to live already, I realized vanlife was calling my name. ⠀
I moved into the van and we went on adventures. I had always been a nomad so moving into the van was easy... I don't have a lot of possessions. I think it surprises a lot of people when they realize I am very low maintenance despite the fact I might look like an absolute "girly-girl".⠀
6 weeks later my visa for Australia was coming to an end and I needed to leave. It was 6 weeks after we had created memories in Australia that we ended up coming to New Zealand together and buying our new van Mitsi. ⠀

The story continues to unfold before my own eyes; and as I look back, I see all the hurdles and challenges were needed for the journey just as much as the fun and adventure. It's all such a wild growth experience really. The life of a nomad is usually like that.