↟ Break Away Tale NR 132 // @itsourfree

Hey peeps, I'm Serenity and my hubby's name is Ross. We've been on the road and livin in a van for 4 months now. Currently exploring Western Australia with our two youngest daughter's, and having our eldest daughter back in Melbourne. ⠀

It's been such an amazing adventure so far, so much happens within the space of one day. It's incredible the amount of stories we all have that would normally take years to accumulate. Wanting to start filling our lives with authenticity, adventures and memories, we took a huge leap of faith and decided to sell our home in Melbourne,  Ross handed in his resignation from this very high paying cushy job, I closed my own small successful business and that's when the fear really set in. ⠀

Once those income streams were officially closed and our home had sold, we very quickly discovered that going against the grain can be extremely difficult and very scary.⠀

Those leaps of faith can test you in so many different ways and they really do make you discover your brave, find your free and teach you what and who are important. ⠀

Being an adventurous couple and passionate about trail running and competing in various ultra marathons together we could easily spend entire days outside running and exploring and just being in nature.⠀

Suffering depression and anxiety I find in particular that our forests and mountains can be very therapeutic and just so peaceful. It puts ease to an overactive mind and silences all of the critics.⠀

It's not for everyone and it can be very hard work travelling whilst homeschooling and not having much personal space, but it's also extremely rewarding having less and focusing on living a simple and carefree life the way we choose.⠀

"Why confine yourself to a neat and tidy little box when we were created to be anything but." ⠀

Serenity, Ross & Co.