↟ Break Away Tale NR 143 // @vanlife_ian_dow_travels

I took to eBay in hopes of finding an old ambulance which I could convert to a home and travel the world. After one night of browsing the site, couch-ridden by a motorcycle crash earlier that day, I hastily made a bid on a ’94 Ford E-350 Osage ambulance, and to my surprise, I won the auction at $2,800. I then had to drive it back to California and start converting the ambulance into a suitable home. ⠀

After spending four months of hard labor and learning about the ambulance, it was now a habitable mobile home on four wheels. ⠀
I then tossed my boards, rods, spears, ukulele, Betta fish, and dog inside, with the boat on the roof and motorcycle on the back, then started driving south. I've dubbed my emergency adventure machine "El Salvador". When I was down mentally and broken physically, the idea of converting this ambulance into my home saved me.⠀

When I first set off to see the world nine years ago I was hooked on traveling. Since then, I've explored 69 countries and don't plan on stopping. My goal since I started experiencing the world has been to intrigue others with my experience and adventures so they can feel more comfortable getting out to see what the world has to offer them. The lessons I've learned are endless and have changed my perspective on life. Now I use Instagram while continuing my journey and sharing everything I do with fellow like-minded explorers and explorers to-be. The more people who are intrigued by trips like mine to go explore for themselves, the better. Tolerance and understanding of other cultures is something that needs to be learned, and the best way to learn about the world, its natural beauty, and interesting inhabitants, is to get out and experience it.⠀