↟ Break Away Tale NR 134 //@gypsyandapirate

A couple of years ago, Pat and I found ourselves working in jobs we didn’t love, in a place we weren’t sure we wanted to live, feeling life move by us at a breakneck pace. Over margaritas one evening, we discussed what was most important to us - our family, travel, new friends and experiences, and time to appreciate life. Instead of just finding brief moments to fit these things in to our existing circumstances, we devised a plan to build a life centered around these values and dreams.⠀
Fast forward a few months - we purchased a 1996 Damon Ultrasport and began making renovation and travel plans for the ultimate road trip. We worked on renovations for about a year and all but gutted the inside of the RV to make it a home that was reflective of our needs and personalities. ⠀
We are now traveling the country with our two dogs and everything we own on an open ended journey to explore the country and live a more deliberate life. We’re only a few months in, but have already met more amazing people, seen more beautiful places and had more incredible experiences than we could have ever imagined. We can’t wait to see where this less traveled road will take us.⠀