↟ Break Away Tale NR 101 // @grow_explore

My name is Heather, 29 year old nomad of sorts.⠀
Yeah I live in a van and do all the vanlife hashtags and account tags blah blah blah. But my life is not my van, I don’t adore it like it’s apart of me, obsess about getting it in all my photos. Yes I’m very proud that I gutted and built the inside of it myself in 2 months, and she (Audrey) is a home that I will most likely live in for a very long time. But! I’m more exited about the life I live, the flexibility, challenges, and rewards that simplifying my life has given me. I feel like I didn’t start truly living until I started traveling in my van.⠀

Now I’m able to focus on personal growth: emotional, mental, spiritual, physical. Creating an inner peace everyday. I focus on things I truly enjoy: Nature, photography, travel, family.⠀

I work online about 20-25 hours a week, living paycheck to paycheck, but I don’t stress about money like I used to. I’ve got two amazing dogs that keep me company on the road, so my world consists greatly of dog hair and dirt, cuddles and kisses.⠀

I hardly get lonely anymore, even though I live alone. Stress has become motivating, not debilitating, and nothing ever really gets under my skin. I’m an outgoing introvert. In social settings I can be a butterfly, but I really treasure my alone time now.⠀

I’ve had to work hard to overcome insecurities, lost love and people from my life. I’ve had to grow up, suck it up, humble myself, empower myself. Everyday I work at training myself to be the person I want to be.I’m happy, I’m content, bright-eyed, ready and open to anything and everything that comes my way!