↟ Break Away Tale NR 116 // @goldykilner

I have always wanted to do van-life, in some form or another, no real idea on length or destination, it was just a regular day dream. Being a surfer at heart and not living extremely close to waves I would always dream of saving enough money, buying a van and hitting the road for endless surf trips. I brought a van for after I felt I had done my fair slog of cold weeks away during winter on the Yorke Peninsula in just a swag.⠀

We have been on the road for 13 months and haven’t needed to work yet. I’ve enjoyed this holiday lifestyle but I’m ready to experiment with living the van-life while also working to save money. The Nomadic lifestyle of leaving a place when you feel you’ve fully explored and ready for a new adventure has been one of the best elements about van-life. That period of time will extend our stays at a place from a week to a month or so instead. So with those extended stays at places and the whole of Queensland, New South Wales, Victoria and Tasmania yet to explore - I think I have 3-4 years left in Dono! I can’t picture how or when our travels will finish, so for now ill just enjoy the ride.