↟ Break Away Tale NR 165 // @genericvanlife

Hi! We’re Justin and Olivia and we’ve been cruising around North America in our 1984 Dodge B250 named Clementine for a year now.⠀

Pre-van life, we had been living in Toronto doing the whole people-clipping-their-nails-on-the-subway-beside-you and drunk-people-arguing-outside-your-window-at-3AM city life. Don’t get me wrong, we still love the city but it was just getting too expensive and too stressful. We spent a year saving while anxiously searching for a van to no avail.⠀

After several disappointing leads, we decided to move to Alberta on a whim with hopes of having better luck out west. We found Clementine a couple weeks before moving and sealed the deal instantly without even seeing her in person.⠀

After restoring the interior to a more modern glory, we hit the road and drove all the way to Mexico before going coast to coast in the US twice, and just recently completing our cross-country drive in Canada from Victoria, BC to St. Johns, NL. We run a web development business so we’re able to work while travelling and have also become makeshift mechanics.⠀

Along the way, we launched a camping directory where we add all of our campsites so other travellers can follow along. We’ve got no plans of stopping and are learning and loving new things every day.⠀