↟ Break Away Tale NR 172 // @fromavantagepoint

We’re Christie and Dom from London and we live in a Mercedes Vario 612d called Magnus. Our first taste of vanlife was in Australia where we travelled from the East to West coast in a 30 year old Toyota Hiace.⠀

Upon returning from this trip we ended up buying a flat and settling into city life, then one dreary February morning around two years ago we decided it was probably time to hit the road again, so we started saving, not for a bigger house like most people but a much smaller one on wheels.⠀

That’s when our search for a van started, we hadn’t planned on getting something of this size but as soon as we went to view it, we loved it’s character and felt instantly at home. As we’re not very practical, another huge bonus for us was that it was mostly converted. This allowed us to spend time, with a little help from family and friends, applying our own finishing touches.⠀

We’ve now been exploring Europe for 4 months and have visited 18 countries from the remote north of Norway to the southern tip of Albania and nearly everywhere in-between. There’s times where we have broken down, been hopelessly lost or been in desperate need to empty our cassette toilet! But being able to travel with your own home makes it all the worth while.⠀

We’ve found that the sense of freedom this way of life offers is unrivalled and are cherishing every moment we get to spend in weird and wonderful places in our big old van.⠀