↟ Break Away Tale NR 202 // @free_to_roam_vans

Meet Pher, Ryn & Tanni, a family who got the Van Life Calling after experiencing the Eclipse of 2017. “Babe, we’re selling everything, getting out of our lease & moving into a van!” Ryn’s famous line after coming back to SoCal from the lush Oregon forest. Being up for just about anything, especially a good challenge, I too was ready to bust loose from the matrix & exercise my creativity in designing the perfect tiny home for my Fam. ⠀

The Miracles began & 15 days later we had not only acquired a new Mercedes Sprinter van, but were somehow paid by our property management company to end our lease early! I cashed out my 401k & made the transition from sales to passionate woodworking artist/ tiny home designer. With synchronicities galore, we lived full-on city van life while running a business, raising our 18 month old & building our perfect tiny home on wheels. Our friends & family thought we had literally lost our minds, but in reality, we were just beginning to rediscover our souls’ purpose. I’m not going to say it was easy, but the rewards, in the form of freedom, have far surpassed our wildest dreams!⠀

Eager for adventure, our van slowly but surely became the log cabin w/ wheels you see today. 9 months later we jumped into this life whole heartedly & we are now living the “off-grid nomadic lifestyle” we set out to explore! Mother Earth in its entirety is now our home.⠀

In 2018 we saw 26 states & 3 countries. Tanni has spent the majority of her life on the road & calls the van her home; so where ever she goes, she knows she’s Home❤ In May of 2019 we will head out to complete the Great North American Circuit – California -> Alaska -> Canada -> Maine -> East Coast ->Mainland Mexico -> Baja & Back to Cali! We are minimalists with massive abundance when it comes to adventure!⠀

So in love with this lifestyle, we now help others make their leap into Vanlife - building out off-grid log cabins w/ wheels for those seeking to bust loose, hit the road & create their dreams.⠀