↟ Break Away Tale NR 213 // @fitetravels

Our story began in November 2015 when Mars came home with a crazy idea to take a 48-state roadtrip across the United States.⠀

I use the word “crazy” because we didn’t have money saved to do such a large trip. We also didn’t have a lucrative plan to make money on the road. Everly was about to be two and still in diapers, and our mode of transportation wasn’t a home on wheels but a Honda Civic.⠀

But you know what? When Mars brought the idea to me all energized with a fire in his eyes, I said yes. It was an anxious yes, but that yes changed our lives.⠀

When we got home after three months on the road, we didn’t want to stop. We’d found a freedom and an aliveness we hadn’t experienced before. So, we did what all normal families do, we bought a 2016 Ford Transit and converted it into our dream home on wheels!⠀

We hit the road April 2017, and have (rarely) looked back!⠀

Everly will be five in May and has spent most of her life on the road. It’s made her an outgoing, adventurous little girl who confidently shares our story with the people we meet.

We’ve visited 34 states in the van, and have learned so much about how to live minimally, love maximally and what we can do if we just take a chance.⠀