↟ Break Away Tale NR 153 // @endlessroadsblog

We are Diana & Basti and our Van Balu. We’ve been travelling beautiful Europe for over 4 years. We started our adventures with a T3 which we called Captain Paul. We loved him a lot, but we wanted a little more space. We instantly fell in love with the VW LT 28 and so we decided to enlarge to it. It wasn’t so easy to find one that fitted into our budget and was still in good shape. But we were lucky and found Balu on the day of our anniversary ... maybe it was a sign ;-)⠀

Luckily, there wasn’t much that we had to do with Balu's mechanics because he was well looked after. But there was a lot of work in the interior, on the paint and we wanted to make him self-sufficient. We changed the interior, which was initially characterized by dark colors and we brought more light colors into the van.⠀

Our first big trip took us to Greece and we were overwhelmed by the beauty and originality of the country, the friendliness of the inhabitants and the possibilities to park for free ON the beach. We hope to return there very soon.⠀
We met while studying law in Passau. Meanwhile, we moved to Munich to work there. While travelling we are often asked what are jobs are. When we reply that we are lawyers most people look at us a little incredulously. We are always surprised how many prejudices this profession brings with it.⠀

We love the Vanlife but we love our work just as much. Why shouldn't it be possible to work as a successful lawyer and travel by bus? There isn't only one way to do it. Not only one right decision. There are many ways to do it, to live, to enjoy life. So try it, try everything and find the one that fits to you. And always remember, it doesn’t matter what you are doing but who you are!⠀