↟ Break Away Tale NR 74 // @eileentheiload

Lil and I (Tom), are both 20 and are both currently studying at university full time. Lil is doing interior design and I’m doing marine biology. We both work part time and do our very best to spend as much time as we can, in and around work/uni, in our van Eileen. We live in Brisbane, Australia. ⠀

Some of our favorite places to visit include the beautiful beaches that are right on our doorstep i.e the sunshine and the Gold Coast. We also like going up into the mountains around where we live and visiting waterfalls and swimming holes.⠀

We often have study days in the van where we will drive for only 30 minutes up a nearby mountain, pull over, open-up the doors and there you have it… a beautiful new study zone with fresh air and no distractions (except maybe each other). It’s the perfect place for Tom’s science brain and Lil’s design mind to merge.