↟ Break Away Tale NR 149 // @eatplayvan

We are Keri and Steve, two Americans, and our Czech dog traveling around Europe in our converted van!⠀

Last winter we rented a minivan in Japan that we slept in as we explored as many epic ski spots as we could. We loved the freedom and independence the van gave us to go at our own pace, sleep anywhere, and explore random tiny villages and hot springs we would come across (oh the hot springs ♨️).⠀

When we got back from Japan it was on. Van life was our new goal and we spent the next year and a half focused on saving for this dream. In March last year Keri blew out her knee (ACL, MCL and meniscus) in a skiing accident and that only fueled the desire to scour Instagram and Pinterest for design layout inspiration and make huge spreadsheets detailing budgets, insurances, route plans you name it.⠀

That spring we continued to car camp on our weekends and look on enviously at all the glamourous vanlife people who had solid roofs and walls and could simply pull up and be at home while we would have to pitch our tent in all types of weather. This gave us even more inspiration on what we wanted and what we didn't. We visited a campervan mega dealership and went inside every type of campervan new and old and walked out knowing what we wanted. Something that was ours.⠀

We made some fantastic connections while living in the Czech Republic for the last four years and even had a friend who for a living converts campervans. We showed him the layout and details we wanted as well as our price range and in typical stoic Czech fashion he just nodded and said that would be fine.⠀

This school year we are taking a year off from teaching and will travel to some of the places in Europe that we haven't been able to get to. Our main to dos are to be active and explore daily, eat lots of local food and find the most epic camp spots!⠀