↟ Break Away Tale NR 163 // @discoveringaus

We are married couple, Dyl and Soph from JanJuc on the the Great Ocean Road, Victoria. ⠀

It was a big risk to quit our jobs and walk away from our busy careers. ⠀
Dyl an electrician and I professional dancer, decided it was time to spend more time together, learn more about our country and do some serious exploring! ⠀

We plan on travelling for around 18 months so we wanted to create a home that could travel most, if not all terrain. We decided on a slide on camper so we have the 4x4wd option down below and a comfortable home on top. Our Betsy is an old model made in the 80’s so it took some renovating, sweat and maybe a few curse words to get her up and running 🙊⠀

Australia continues to amaze and educate us with its oldest living culture in the world. Everyday is a new adventure and we feel so lucky to share it with one another !⠀