↟ Break Away Tale NR 127 // @create.discover.nosh

I’m Rachael, traveling with my 28 year old self renovated motorhome named Nooch. In the past I have had a pattern of making big moves every couple of years. The antsy feeling would creep over me and soon after I would be on to my next city or state. A little over three years ago I started my own online business making jewelry. It took me a little while to realize my love for change, adventurous nature and the ability to work anywhere was all leading me to this wonderful life.⠀

I’m someone who doesn’t know how to answer the question, “where are you from?”, since I haven’t lived in any one place longer than the next, I don’t have a childhood home to go back to, and all my family lives in different cities and states. I’ve found my home on the road and I have such a strong feeling of belonging. So while the answer to the question where am I from might be a complicated one, the answer to where I’m going is easy... anywhere and everywhere.