↟ Break Away Tale NR 181 // @cocothecampervan

Hi! We are Wayan and Laura and have been travelling in our VW T5 van Coco since two years now. We are based in Münster/ Germany and both of us are working as teachers for people with special needs. We like our jobs a lot but of course it is sometimes very exhausting. Who does not know that?! Having our campervan Coco is the best compensation to this. Tinkering on the van or going on a mini adventure at the weekend allows us to leave everyday life behind for a while and to recharge our batteries. For longer road trips we have to use the school holidays. Then we are taking the chance to explore europe. We love being at the ocean and to explore beautiful places and new camping spots. At the moment we are on the roads of Aquitain / France and northern Spain, doing some beach hopping and learning how to surf. We love it so much and are collecting a lot of new vanlife memories.⠀

For us travelling in a campervan is the most beautiful way to travel. It‘s wonderful to see and feel how everything is changing slowy. The landscape, the architecture, the temperature and so on. We‘re enjoying it so much to stop where ever we like, to stay how long we like and to leave whenever we like. That‘s the freedom we really appreciate about the vanlife. ⠀

Having Coco is like a dream come true. Travelling in a campervan is familiar to both of us because we did a lot of camping trips in our childhoods. The vanlife spirit has remaind in both of us. Before we knew eachother we alredy dreamed the same dream and together we have made it come true.⠀

Feel free to join our vanlifediaries and push the horn if you see us on the road!⠀

Follow your dream and let the good times roll!!!⠀

Wayan & Laura⠀